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What is offshore outsourcing? How well do you know it?

How many of you know beyond the general meaning of offshore outsourcing; deploying people outside of one’s native country at considerably cheaper price. Many wouldn’t have anything beyond than this general concept. But offshore outsourcing has even much than this!

Looking a few decades back, moving into that era where “offshore outsourcing” wasn’t even a fetus, people hardly thought about outsourcing their work, that to a foreign place!  Business was not that critically analyzed during those times. Work was confined to the manpower of the native place. But gradually due to growing competition and the craze for a global recognition, business men started hunting for talented man power but at a cheaper price. And hence there came into existence a new paradigm in the global business known as offshore outsourcing.

Defining it from a layman’s point of view, offshore outsourcing is distributing the work overseas, where manpower is cheaper but talented, in order to get them done in a more innovative way and at considerably cheaper price. Outsourcing has its own advantages; it reduces the overall cost of the project and at the same time, the quality of the work is not hampered too! Moreover when you have a good manpower within reach, you can divert all the lesser important works to them and concentrate on the important ones. These in many ways enhance the economic condition of the host country too. Contrary to the thoughts of intellectual minds, outsourcing jobs would never create any shortage of work in the host country; rather it would enable them to push forward their population for higher and skilled educational degrees. Moreover this will also help the population of the outsourcing centers in getting better and prospective job opportunity with a handsome income.

The core areas of outsourcing are web designing, software development, medical transcription, data entry, banking and customer service works. Host countries look for talented candidates for these works. All the credit goes to the internet connectivity which has made the entire world as a global market.

When it comes to outsourcing, India and China are the most recognized names in the world outsourcing market, as the chief outsourcing center. China and Canada have also emerged as a major outsourcing destination for software development and web development and design, though India has joined the league recently.

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