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Offshore Outsourcing- One of the Many Ways in Which China Excels Other Nations

Though there are a number of software development companies in the world, but still offshore software outsourcing has become a popular trend. And when it comes to offshore outsourcing, China bags the first position in the list.


Though initially companies showed profound interest in developing software, but slowly it was noticed that companies didn’t want to take up the tedious task of developing software any more. Moreover, developing high end software requires equally talented professionals and revenue too. Hence, in order to cut off the expenses associated with all these, companies opted for offshore outsourcing.


This trend hasn’t seen a setback since its inception. Rather it has been growing day by day. China is standing tall as a favorite outsourcing destination. Keeping behind other such nations like India, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. it has been a pioneer in software outsourcing due to the following reasons:

  • Teeming population is one of the main reasons for this. When a nation has a massive population, it is obvious to face employment issues. But these people didn’t let population stand as a barrier between their employment sources! Instead they made use of their professional degrees by doing freelancing jobs for their overseas counterparts. Having minimal scope for any lucrative job, these people opted for freelancing works. And the consequence? You better know it!
  • They charge less! This is another important factor which motivates companies to outsource. The total revenue required for establishing an office, hiring expert software developers, paying them remunerations, etc. in total is much higher than the outsource charges.
  • Skilled professionals! After going through the first point if you are thinking that human resource is the only reason for this, then you are wrong. Chinese are equally talented as any other professional in the world. You doubt this! Better, ask any of the leading software development company of the world regarding this.

5 Easy Ways to Find Graphical Designing Service in China

Be it China or any other part of the world, getting an online presence is the need of the hour.  It may be either for professional purpose or else for personal interests. Everyone is crazy for having an online presence and it is obvious too! Being online gives you the privilege of reaching out to millions within a fraction of the time which would have taken without being online. Would you deny it? Never!


But, simply having an online presence won’t serve the purpose fully. All that is required is a professional touch up. Professionalism matters a lot in this. You can’t fulfill your objective simply by owning a web domain, you to feed relevant information to it; you need to give it a friendly design. The strength of your online presence depends upon the visitors to your website and obviously the number of visitors will increase in a good looking website.


For enhancing the looks of your website, you need to hire a graphical designer. And if you are in China, the job of finding a professional graphic designing service will be very difficult for you. Why is it so? Do you really need an answer or shall I mention the population of China? (Lol!) You will find a number of options in this place, which though seem relevant to you; but in practical needs a bit of analysis.


Given below are 5 easy ways to find graphical designing services in China:


  • Make use of all the sources available like newspaper, internet, local telephone book and most importantly the references of people. You can find a great deal of information from all these four sources. Though newspaper and local telephone book are great sources, but if you are new to the place, internet and people’s reference will work best for you.
  • Sort out the best ones by studying their portfolio and credentials properly. There are many factors to be considered here. Check the expertise of the staff members and the number of years they have been into this business.
  • Most importantly go through their testimonials. The reviews and feedback  given by previous clients will give you an insight to their working procedures and customer care service. One golden rule in this regard: do not judge a company by the number of positive reviews it has; rather look for the prompt reply it has given against the negative ones. The genuineness of a company depends upon the way it handles the queries of the clients.
  • Interact with them in person. It often happens that, some professional designers ask for the ideas of the client and try to add them. Hence by interacting in person you can share your views regarding the design of your website.
  • Are they charging genuinely? Yes? Go ahead! No? Search for more.

Our Offshore Software Outsourcing Provides Better Business Prospective

Millettech works in high end IT outsourcing and web related areas with experts in domain of so called Information Technology.  Our core value of work lies in client comfort, quality works and low cost services with proper documentation as per quality standards.

it sector

The extensive experience in the field of information technology and web related areas can be a game changer for the business of our client organizations. Quality, comfort, preference are some core business value we work with. Preference to the client and working as per their requirement to deliver the best quality at low cost is our main objective.


The teams with multi lingual approaches are capable of working with any customer in the world from its offshore software outsourcing in china. Our organization Millettech differs from other in delivering quality products or services by giving preference and customer comfort. We give low cost development to our customer with flexible business approaches keeping high concentration and focus on cutting edge tools and technologies.

ofshore outsource

In the fast moving competitive market everyone is looking for low cost with the best business solutions. So in this globalised world offshore software outsourcing in china is the right destination for any organization.


We Millettech give services in the field of time and material technical resource too.  It is contract based service in which technical expert of the function and domains give the consultancy. High quality services are provided by technical, functional and domain expert to meet customer needs and requirements with great savings and satisfaction.


The services provided by Millettech are:


  1. Software R & D
  2. Product design and development
  3. Product enhancement
  4. Maintenance and enhancement
  5. Production support
  6. Reverse engineering
  7. Testing and de-bugging
  8. Documentation as per quality standards

A highly procedural approach is followed for any offshore software development projects with taking utmost care in documenting and following each step related to the project. All steps in any of the project cycle is well understood and defined with maximum clarification. Here in Millettech client requirements are understood thoroughly and implementation of project is done after putting maximum focus on requirement analysis by project implementation team. To create a sense of security and a comfort zone clients are strongly motivated to be a part of project development cycle.


An Iterative Prototyping approach is used to determine and understand client requirement which is based on case to case basis. Look and feel prototype and modules are used for the conversion and translation of functional requirement of client. And after completing all required analysis by both prototypes the scope of project freezes. Certified with ISO 9000/SEI CMMI Millettech follows benchmark quality standards in many of its functions.


In this highly competitive and globalised market Millettech as an offshore software development outsourcing partner can assure clients to achieve their business goals with maximum satisfaction. Our highly efficient, domain experts, technical and functional consultants help clients to transform their business by providing the low cost services with best quality.

Choose Best Graphic Design Service for Your Organisation

For every business to be successful, the modern day strategy is to make a strong and influential online presence. Being online helps businesses to grab the attention of more numbers of customers. In this way being online promises business a global recognition. Hence it is important to get an online domain.

But having an online domain will not serve the purpose completely. Competition is tough; hence there is a need to have the best website, both in terms of graphic design and informational content.

Informational content solely depends on the business owner. All the information related to your business, can be well described by you. But what about web graphic designs? Not all are expert in this niche. So what to do now? Look for a good graphic designer!


While the rest deal with their nation, China deals internationally!

Talking about China; business is very much in demand in this nation. Not only that, Chinese manufacturing has a huge demand internationally, also! Those of you who have come across Made in China labelled products will never deny this! So, if you are a Chinese business man and do not have a web portal or if your website has a poor appeal, it’s high time to seek an expert graphics designer; else you may lose your potential global clients!

Here are some important tips for finding a good graphics designer in china:

  • Start the search from four important sources: newspaper, telephone directory, any friend or known person and Google. Newspaper and telephone directory can give you a great deal information regarding the local graphic designers. You can even ask any of your friends or any other known person, who had a recent experience of dealing with a graphics designer. In case none of these helps, go for a Google search. Put the right keyword and Google will return you with a number of options.
  • The next step is to sort out the best ones from the search result. In order to list the best ones, you need to take some important factors into consideration. Look for the expertise of the company in terms of number of years of experience and the experience of the staff members present. Do not trust a company with no experience but bigger claims. In order to check the authenticity of the company, contact its past clients.
  • Check the license and government authorization. Many people get carried away by the luring promises of the company and hesitate (many times forget too) to ask anything in this regard. Ask for the physical address of the company and visit the office in person. You can even check BBB to find the legitimacy of the company.
  • Look the reviews and feedback. Do not get distracted with a negative review; rather check what the company has replied against the review. What matters more is the promptness with which, a company redresses client complaints.
  • Comparison shopping! Compare the price levied with other companies and if you find the price within your budget, proceed with the deal. else continue with the search

Got the right search strategy? Yes!

What is offshore outsourcing? How well do you know it?

How many of you know beyond the general meaning of offshore outsourcing; deploying people outside of one’s native country at considerably cheaper price. Many wouldn’t have anything beyond than this general concept. But offshore outsourcing has even much than this!

Looking a few decades back, moving into that era where “offshore outsourcing” wasn’t even a fetus, people hardly thought about outsourcing their work, that to a foreign place!  Business was not that critically analyzed during those times. Work was confined to the manpower of the native place. But gradually due to growing competition and the craze for a global recognition, business men started hunting for talented man power but at a cheaper price. And hence there came into existence a new paradigm in the global business known as offshore outsourcing.

Defining it from a layman’s point of view, offshore outsourcing is distributing the work overseas, where manpower is cheaper but talented, in order to get them done in a more innovative way and at considerably cheaper price. Outsourcing has its own advantages; it reduces the overall cost of the project and at the same time, the quality of the work is not hampered too! Moreover when you have a good manpower within reach, you can divert all the lesser important works to them and concentrate on the important ones. These in many ways enhance the economic condition of the host country too. Contrary to the thoughts of intellectual minds, outsourcing jobs would never create any shortage of work in the host country; rather it would enable them to push forward their population for higher and skilled educational degrees. Moreover this will also help the population of the outsourcing centers in getting better and prospective job opportunity with a handsome income.

The core areas of outsourcing are web designing, software development, medical transcription, data entry, banking and customer service works. Host countries look for talented candidates for these works. All the credit goes to the internet connectivity which has made the entire world as a global market.

When it comes to outsourcing, India and China are the most recognized names in the world outsourcing market, as the chief outsourcing center. China and Canada have also emerged as a major outsourcing destination for software development and web development and design, though India has joined the league recently.

If you are looking forward to outsource software and web development and design related services from China, contact Millet Tech. This is a professional website team operating in Shanghai, with a strong clientele pool all over the world.

Choose the perfect graphics designer to make you webpage as outstanding one.

Graphic design play an important role to reach many customers at a single point of time. One can expect high web traffic only if the webpage and design of the webpage is appealing to the customer. If the company acts better in presenting its product in a attractive and new manner, it can expect good traffic along with high sales rate. People visit your website number of times if the company efficiently showcases its products. In this regard, graphic designing plays a vital role is the outcome of a perfect webpage. Hundred words is equal to one beautiful and appealing presentation. Displaying your product in an efficient way is more important theme in a marketing field. The term ‘marketing’ itself represents attracting more customers towards the company product(s).

Web Design ChinaNow this is the time of technology, people access internet to search for the products. They prominently depend on social networking websites or Google for the products. If the company design its products in a new way, they can expect more customers for their company which increases the profit rate and prestige in the market. One can strongly step their foot in the marketing field.  A best graphic designer is very important to display your products perfectly and attractively to the customers. Designing an image with a mixture of colors which perfectly suits for marketing the company products is very important. A perfect design with a small message gives an aesthetic look to your webpage and the company can attract mass towards their products.

Whatever your product may be, hiring an efficient professional is very important. Graphics designer china are one among the best people who can deliver you an amazing work. A perfect and experienced graphic designer understands client requirements easily and design the webpage accordingly. Company who are looking forward to market their products and expect high web traffic can contact the best graphic designers. Web development is an important part to be considered by the companies. Designing websites in a suitable manner as per the requirements of the company is very important. If a customer Google, only relevant websites will open up in search engine, therefore it should be considered very seriously. Each and every successful company update its website regularly, ensuring to reach directly to its customers.

Offshore Software Outsourcing China

In the recent decades, technology play a prominent role in marketing the products. One of the beautiful way to reach millions of the customers worldwide is to develop a website in such a way that it should attract the mass and stand as one of best website where people can find the products suitable to their requirements. Building an appealing, eye-catching and noticeable website attracts many customers towards the company. The perfect combination of website and web designing will play a prominent part in making profit and expecting more number of customers. Therefore, website is a proficient way to market the company and its products. Web development china are best in developing the website and designing a webpage. Companies can contact the best web developer to market their products and to reach millions of customer is a short span.

Professional Web Development Company in China

Today anyone can create a website, because you can have free ready-made templates for usages. However, this is not the way of creating a business website. A company needs a website that looks professional as well as unique at the same time to help audience to recognize the business/ brand. Hence, it is very significant that a company should hire professional Web Development Company in China.

One of the most essential reasons to hire a company that specializes in web development is – they can make you a unique as well as an elegant website that would sell your products and services. You will be also able to add customized features you want your website to consist of.


A professional looking website creates a good impression and helps you to create a clear vision, but more importantly, it shows your customer that you are different from everyone else, which in return helps you to grow your brand popularity.

Professionalism is an important aspect of web design. If you make your website yourself, chances are there you will stand like an amateur, especially when you do not have experience. This may result an unprofessional website, which further could weigh down your business. For a successful business, it is very important that your customers have trust on you and that could only possible when you have a professional website. A web development company makes sure that your website encourages reliability and looks its best.

Another great reason to hire professional web design China Company is they can give you security at the same time. Web security is must in the world of theft. These days, any hacker can steal your valuable information and can misuse your data to obliterate you. That’s why, to protect your brand reputation, you require expert’s support to secure your brand value. Only professional understands how much it values for a company to protect its own as well as its customer’s valuable details. Hence, a web development company takes all required steps to give you the best security solution.

Even though you may be tempted to save money and create a website by your own, but let me tell you that, you will do your business no favor by doing this for sure. After all, to obtain a win-win situation for your business, you need help from Web Design China Company to watch your sales and customers increasing.

So what are you waiting for? Hire professional Web Development Company in China today!