Offshore Outsourcing- One of the Many Ways in Which China Excels Other Nations

Though there are a number of software development companies in the world, but still offshore software outsourcing has become a popular trend. And when it comes to offshore outsourcing, China bags the first position in the list.


Though initially companies showed profound interest in developing software, but slowly it was noticed that companies didn’t want to take up the tedious task of developing software any more. Moreover, developing high end software requires equally talented professionals and revenue too. Hence, in order to cut off the expenses associated with all these, companies opted for offshore outsourcing.


This trend hasn’t seen a setback since its inception. Rather it has been growing day by day. China is standing tall as a favorite outsourcing destination. Keeping behind other such nations like India, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. it has been a pioneer in software outsourcing due to the following reasons:

  • Teeming population is one of the main reasons for this. When a nation has a massive population, it is obvious to face employment issues. But these people didn’t let population stand as a barrier between their employment sources! Instead they made use of their professional degrees by doing freelancing jobs for their overseas counterparts. Having minimal scope for any lucrative job, these people opted for freelancing works. And the consequence? You better know it!
  • They charge less! This is another important factor which motivates companies to outsource. The total revenue required for establishing an office, hiring expert software developers, paying them remunerations, etc. in total is much higher than the outsource charges.
  • Skilled professionals! After going through the first point if you are thinking that human resource is the only reason for this, then you are wrong. Chinese are equally talented as any other professional in the world. You doubt this! Better, ask any of the leading software development company of the world regarding this.

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